Do you feel intimidated by that huge and complex task in front of you? Do you feel squeezed between customers, steering committees, funding bodies and ever too sparse resources and low budgets? Maybe you just got your first job in the industry and got thrown right into a project, without any preparation?

Then you have come to the right place. While dry books on project management might help you understand the deep theory, they are often of little use when it comes to master every-day problems. We at Projects made easy want to help you to find down-to-earth and pragmatic solutions. We want you to manage your projects more efficiently and make them a success. This is no dark arts or alchemy, once you know and understand the basic methods.

Definition of a project manager: A device for turning coffee into spreadsheets
Marcus Raitner

Although this is a funny phrase, do not worry: Project management does not have to mean boring bureaucracy and tons of unnecessary paperwork and formalities. Efficient project management ist all about using the right tools and methods at the right time. Effort spent early will often pay off later in the course of your project. That way, you will increase your success while ideally reducing your overall workload.

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