Now you have worked out who your stakeholders are (if you need a reminder go to this article: What actually is a stakeholder?)!

Now let’s look at why is it so important to keep your focus on these people, your stakeholders?

In an ideal world all of our stakeholders have a great interest in the success of the project…

Sadly, that’s often not how it works in reality.

For you, the project manager, this means you need to be aware that:

  • it is very common to have stakeholders with opposing priorities and interests
  • those priorities and interests need to be identified
  • critical stakeholders, that is people who can effectively fail the project, need to be given specific attention
  • this will potentially have implications on both the route to follow and even the final goal.

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Every project needs an aim … A goal! Without a goal, projects wouldn’t be happening, would they?

All too frequently,however, project goals look a bit more like a vague idea. But clearly identified goals are so, so important.
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This article is part 6 of 6 of the series Six Simple Rules

… that moment when you were appointed to manage your first project ever – you probably didn’t have a clue what your new role was all about. Suddenly, being an expert in your field was not sufficient anymore. Suddenly, you need to get on with things no one ever told how to do – maybe you are not even sure, what exactly your new duties include.

For new-born project managers the situation above is more common than one might actually think. But even after years of experience, it is always worth to think and re-think your role in your project.

All too often we ‘technically’ know what our role is, but we are still not really aware of it. On some days, we might just behave like ordinary team members. Doing a good job probably, but not the work of the project manager. Especially if you work with a small team, you very often need to do also a lot of the practical project work. It could be that as little as 20% of your time is assigned to the actual managing of the project. If this is the case, then it is quite easy to forget about those 20% altogether.

Therefore, be aware of your role. Live your role! See it as a chance to develop and become a better manager.

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This article is part 5 of 6 of the series Six Simple Rules
This article is part 5 of 6 of the series Six Simple Rules

We all know that projects are full of problems. Our daily business as project managers is a never-ending fight for resources, with ever changing requirements, budget cuts and unwanted delays.


Projects are volatile, full of risks and sometimes even decorated with incompatible goals. I am not exaggerating when I say: This is what our business is like, nothing to be done about it.

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